Privacy Policy is committed to the GDPR compliance and has already implemented and evaluated the latest requirements and limitations enforced by the GDPR.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected in an orderly manner. Thereupon we’ve carefully reviewed the way we collect, use, keep, and dispose your personal data.

In circumstances where we ask you to provide any kind of personal information in order to use our website, all such information will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

By accepting this privacy policy, you confirm your personal data actuality and accuracy and give consent to disclosing your personal data so to enable this website operation.

Personal data collection and use

When the user employs the Website services, the Company shall process the user data, in particular:

  • data provided by the user when the user fills in the registration form, and also while using the services;
  • cookies;
  • IP addresses;
  • options and settings of Internet browsers (user-agent).

The Company shall collect only the personal data (e.g. your first and last name, email address, contact telephone number, date of birth, gender, etc.) that you as the personal data subject provide knowingly and willingly with the aim of using the Website services, and thereby, as established by current international laws, you as the personal data subject give your consent to the processing of your personal data according to the purpose of such processing formulated in this Policy.

When you visit the Website, each login is recorded. Other user traffic data shall not be processed or stored.

Please note: the Company confines itself to collect the minimum amount of information as it may be strictly necessary only to fulfill the personal data subject’s request. In any case, if optional information is requested, the user shall be notified thereof at the time of collection of such information.

The Company shall not collect any information which may be processed only as subject to certain statutory limitations, such as information about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, criminal record, criminal sentences, as well as data relating to health, sex life, biometric or genetic data.

The Company shall collect the statistical data about visits to the Website. This data may contain information about the connection, traffic, user’s browser, and also about the date, time, Internet online time, and time of staying on the Website.

Purposes of Personal Data Use

Your personal data shall be used to ensure the provision of the Internet services available on the Website, and also to exchange information/news and maintain relations in the advertising and communications sector in accordance with and pursuant to the international laws on data processing and security, including but not limited to such Laws, and also following the Website Terms of Service and other regulations governing the operation of the Company.

Personal data storage term

Personal data shall be stored for the period not exceeding the time necessary according to the purpose of their processing.

Each user has the right to make a request on his/her personal data deletion.

Use of cookies

The Company takes care of its users and is committed to making your visit to the Website as comfortable as possible; to do this, the Company, using cookies, needs to analyze the behavior, preferences, and interests of users. This analysis will help the Company improve the Website interaction experience, determine the most user-friendly interface and Service navigation.

To make the impressions after visiting the resource more pleasant, these cookies remember the information provided by a user, thus increasing the efficiency of interaction with the Website.

Some cookie data may be shared with third parties who have permission from the web resource, but exclusively for the purposes described above.

For the purpose of prompt delivery, higher-quality display, and detailed analysis of the contents on the Website, the Company shall use the services which are the property of other third-party companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Inc., and others.

The companies mentioned as an example may use cookies on the user’s device when he/she is working on the Website.

Please note that the Website may not have any effect on the operation of cookies used by these services. All the necessary information about their use can be found by visiting a relevant resource.

Most popular web browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. To disable this feature, use the help function in your browser. Help can be accessed via the menu or using the F1 key.

To contact the Company about the use of cookies, please send an email to [email protected]

If the user does not enable the use of cookies or intentionally removes all cookies from the web browser, during the next visit to the Website the user may again be offered to enable and use cookies.

Website interaction with other resources

When the user uses the services, the Website pages may contain codes of other Internet resources and third parties, and as a consequence, these online resources and third parties receive your data. Therefore, these Internet resources can obtain and process the information that you have visited these pages, as well as other information transferred by the user’s web browser. These Internet resources might be social networking plugins (e.g., Discus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

The Company needs to use the mentioned services for operational analysis of visits to the Website, internal and external evaluation of Website traffic, visit depth, and user activity. The Company shall not store and shall not process the data obtained from these services.

Interaction of the Company with Third Parties in Respect of Personal Data

The Company shall not transfer personal data to third parties, except when such transfer is required by law, or at the request of the personal data subject, or in other cases set out in this Policy. The Company acknowledges that personal information is valuable and integral content, as a part of the personal non-proprietary rights of any individual, therefore, the Company shall take all measures possible to protect the personal information of the users which the latter voluntarily and knowingly transfer to the Company.

The Website may contain links to other websites (solely for information purposes). When a user links to such other websites, please note that this Policy shall not be applicable to such other websites. In this connection, the Company recommends that you review the privacy and personal data policy of each website before submitting any personal data which may identify you.

Information about the Website activity (traffic) of the users passing through the network or user email shall be protected in accordance with current law. This means that the Company shall in no way or manner breach the secrecy of the user’s activity when the latter uses the Website services.

Personal data protection

The Company shall use generally accepted standards of technological and operational protection of information and personal data from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. However, despite all of the efforts, the Company may not guarantee absolute protection against any threat arising beyond the scope which the Company is able to regulate.

The Company shall ensure that all of the relevant confidentiality commitments are fulfilled, as well as technical and organizational security measures, to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful disclosure or processing of such information and data, their accidental loss, destruction or damage.

The Company shall provide access to information and personal data only to authorized employees who have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information and data as required by the Company.

Dissemination of personal data without the consent of a relevant personal data subject or his/her authorized representative shall be allowed in cases enacted by law and only (if necessary) for the sake of national security, economic welfare, and human rights.

Rights of the Personal Data Subject

The Company hereby informs you about your rights as the personal data subject:

  1. to know about the sources of collection and location of your personal data, the purpose of their processing, location or place of residence (place of stay) of the personal data holder or administrator, or to give a respective authorization to authorized persons of the latter to obtain such information, except for cases established by law;
  2. to obtain information about the conditions of granting access to personal data, in particular, information about third parties to which your personal data are provided;
  3. to have access to your personal data;
  4. to be informed of the contents of such personal data;
  5. to submit a well-reasoned request to the personal data holder about your objection against the processing of your personal data;
  6. to submit a well-reasoned request about a change or destruction of your personal data by any holder and administrator of such personal data, if such data are processed illegally or are inaccurate;
  7. to the protection of your personal data against any unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, or damage in connection with intentional concealment, failure to provide such data or their delayed provision, and also to be protected against the provision of any information which is false or disgraces the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual;
  8. to submit complaints about the processing of your personal data;
  9. to use legal remedies in case of any breach of the personal data protection laws;
  10. to make warnings in respect of any restriction of the right to your personal data processing when granting your consent;
  11. to withdraw your consent to personal data processing;
  12. to be aware of the mechanism of automatic personal data processing;
  13. to be protected against any automated decision having legal implications for you.

If you want to update, access, modify, block or delete your personal data, or to withdraw your consent to your personal data processing which you provided to the Company under this Policy, or if you have any comments, requests or complaints regarding your personal data processed by the Company, please contact the Company by email at [email protected]

Policy Amendments

From time to time and without a respective prior notice to the user, this Policy may be amended and supplemented, including in case of a change of statutory requirements.

In case of any substantial change to this Policy, the Company shall publish a notification on the Website and specify the term during which such a change becomes effective. If within the specified term you do not refuse from accepting such a change in writing, this shall mean that you agree to the respective change to this Policy.

We kindly ask you to review our Policy from time to time to be duly aware of any changes or additions here.