Web Working at Adsy implies being interested in the company’s development

You are more than welcome and required to work in a team, report any issues you find, offer interesting ideas and solutions that allow to optimize, facilitate and improve business processes and systems that clients and employees work with.

The company’s achievements are the result of teamwork

The work of a team cannot be accomplished by one person. However, if your input in the company’s development and achievements is more significant and has a considerable effect on the results than the actions of your colleagues, you will be fairly rewarded. This means, that both personal achievements and teamwork are encouraged.

What’s most important is being a valuable employee the company needs

A hard-working, energetic, responsible employee that works toward a result will be properly appreciated and will always have more privileges and prospects in the company than someone who is not very interested in making effort and achieving results.

Career development

The executives set big goals for the company and its projects (the amount of which constantly grows) development 5-10 years ahead. When expanding, new interesting managing positions open. Of course, they come with more responsibility, demands, required competency, and a higher reward. Improve and show yourself. Those who strive to hold such a position will be able to achieve that. The executives are always looking for employees they can count on.

The company welcomes personal and professional growth

When getting started at work, as well as later on, it is necessary to read and listen to (audio)books to absorb new information about your field and, most importantly, put the acquired knowledge to use. (A list of recommended literature is provided).

It is also essential to understand that efforts are valued, but results are rewarded


Rewards and bonuses

  • The calculation and payment of salary along with the bonuses are executed before the 7th of each month. Salary is paid in hryvnias.
  • Each department has its own bonus system that the employee will be informed on.
  • Bonuses for outstanding results, suggestions, and ideas that drastically affect the company’s turnover or income can be rewarded additionally. Bonuses are not active during vacation.
  • The executives create and change, when necessary, the company’s rules. This also concerns the bonuses. Of course, the employees, that will be affected by the changes, are informed.

How fast can you get promoted, and what does it take?

Above all else, everything depends on you.

    • Your enthusiasm, eagerness, determination to achieve the best results
    • Your speed of learning and development
    • Your attention to work
    • How important your input is and what actual results you bring in – how you increase the company’s profits

It is important to set realistic goals and understand that nothing happens overnight, everything takes time.

The company, regardless of multiple employees, invests a lot of resources into its growth, advertising, development, new projects, etc. It does not double its profits every 2 months, the growth comes gradually. Sometimes, nothing happens for months, and then “all of a sudden” turnover increases. In reality, this is not  “all of a sudden”, this happened naturally – thanks to all the daily efforts and simple tasks we were all doing. A salary increase is also accumulative – it happens exactly when you achieve a new level of quality in your development and it is reflected in your results – the money you bring into the company.

Will the company actually pay you more?

Is the company willing to invest time and money into your development and increase your salary on top of that? Yes, you got it all right. One of the company’s goals is having the most professional and talented specialists, who love what they do and are good at it. This is why we try to hire the best candidates in the market and help them with further improvement. We are ready to pay more those of you who achieve good results. All in all, you will be promoted and you will be paid more if you will earn more for the company.

What position can you obtain?

In reality, almost any, as it also depends on you, your efforts, and skills. Because the company is still at the beginning of its journey – maybe, in 5-10 years there will be hundreds or even thousands of employees. And with such an amount of employees, there will be plenty of available positions, including the managing ones. So be initiative. Those who know what they want, improve and grow, constantly learn something new, and achieve great results at work – will climb the career ladder faster than everyone else and, usually, sooner or later attain managing positions. (Even those who don’t quite sure about their exact way up but who work hard towards a result every day can also reach great heights.)

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