HR Policy

Main theses

  • Every employee can set personal goals and achieve them within his/her work in the company as long as these goals align with those of the company and positively affect the company’s activity overall. Every client and every employee deserves an individual approach, therefore conditions and arrangements of cooperation are discussed individually with each employee and are not spread among colleagues or outside of the company.
  • All information is confidential and is not to be spread around. An employee that breaks this agreement can be fined or even fired without compensation if the administration finds such actions necessary. When starting to work, an employee agrees to this rule and takes on the responsibility of following it. The most confidential information consists of, first of all, turnover, customer base, competitive strengths, logins, passwords, goals, strategies, plans; any marketing information, database, systems used within the company, business processes, etc.
  • If an employee has an intention of quitting their job, they have to inform the company 1 month beforehand. The company reserves the right to let the employee know they are being fired 2 weeks ahead.

The importance of communication within the company

If there is an issue – it needs to be discussed. If it’s not fixed, it needs to be discussed over and over again up until the very moment it is solved. If you see a problem, you cannot say anything about it, not notice it or pretend it is none of your concern. The executives are always open to suggestions and solutions. If something is stopping you from being able to do your job or work in a team properly – let us know. The more problems and questions an employee solves, the more valuable they become. The company needs employees not only to complete tasks but for creative and autonomous definition and resolution of problems. Such employees are more valued by the administration and will have more privileges and opportunities.

ADSY values the following qualities/skills

  • Ability to set and achieve goals
    You will be taught this in the company. The better you do this and the more considerable goals you achieve, the better.
  • Constant self-improvement
    If you constantly improve yourself, you will always be reaching new peaks.
  • Flexibility
    It is expressed in the ability to find multiple ways to solve any problem (for example, offering 20 ideas of how sales can be increased). The company’s executives are convinced that flexibility is one of the most important qualities in general, as it implies a fast and easy adaptation to any changes necessary to achieve positive results. Being flexible means being able to find an optimal way out of every situation. A flexible person sees no limits or obstacles. Thus, one does not move in one direction; such a person goes wherever he/she can according to the core needs and capabilities within the environment. Like water or air, they always find a way to go. This is the keystone to success.
  • Fast learning
    It is expressed in quick absorption of knowledge and the ability to apply it in practice.
  • Being ready for changes
    21 century is the age of technologies and staggeringly fast changes. Being ready for changes is, once again, a sign of flexibility that allows you to move outside of your comfort zone and change old, unnecessary, ineffective habits to get new ones. This is the capability to change according to new conditions of your environment (for example, new business processes in the company). Such a capacity for change is very rare. For most people changes amount to complications, so we do not demand the presence of this quality, but will be happy to discover it in you.
  • Responsibility. It is expressed in:
    – An employee taking on a responsibility to not only complete a task but bring in a result that is expected by the company or colleagues from this task/project.
    – A project that the employee is responsible for working without errors or setbacks.
    – The project work, bringing results and achieving the objective not only now, but in the future, which means that when the project is done, it should not be abandoned, but maintain sustained.
    – The quality of the work done.
  • Initiative
    It is expressed in offering ideas and being ready to realize them.
  • Hard and fast work
    It is expressed in completing a lot of tasks.
  • Attentiveness
    It is expressed in a small amount or absence of mistakes made in the completed tasks.
  • Strategic thinking
    It is expressed in the ability to find ways to solve a problem once and for all or for a long time, or at a global scale (for example, increase sales by 30-50% and not 5%). It is also expressed in indicating huge opportunities for the company’s growth (for example, an idea for a new project).
  • Working towards a result
    This means not just working your 9-18, but applying your heart and soul to what you do, achieving significant results that affect the whole company.
  • Openness, sincerity, honesty, integrity
  • Analytical skills
    Ability to conduct a deep analysis of the company’s performance indicators, that will allow detecting ongoing issues or new promising opportunities.
  • Tenacity and persistence
    Never give up.

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