21 Advantages of Working
at Adsy

Work in a progressive, promising, fast-growing company

Internet marketing, internet advertising, and SEO are undoubtedly ones of the most rapidly growing and promising industries in the world at the moment. Each year, the amount of purchases made online is growing with tremendous speed. Businesses switch to online instead of offline. Even the business that can only exist offline cannot go without online support. All this means that with each passing day internet marketing, internet advertising and SEO are growing in value and demand. This is the exact reason our company is planning on creating 5 new projects in the area of internet marketing and advertising on the foreign market within the next 5 years.

High reward for respective results

Each department of the company has its own reward system (you will be informed on all the details later on).

An interesting job you love

One of the goals of our executives is having every employee only do what they are best at, what they like the most, and what they are able to bring the best results from. We want for everyone in our company to be able to do what they enjoy and to love their job. Therefore, we are striving to either hire those who love their craft or we help them find out what it is they love to do

Comfortable work conditions in a modern office

A cozy, beautiful, modern office in the center of the city, Podil area.

Working in a young, friendly goal-oriented team

The overarching goal unites the team and creates a pleasant working environment.

Opportunity of career growth

With an ambition, desire and sufficient traits, skills and knowledge (that you can develop while already working in the company) you will be able to occupy a managing position.

Stability and timely compensations

The company has been in the market since 2006. Over the company’s lifetime, there were no incidents that involved a refusal in rewards and only a few insignificant 1-week delays in compensation.

Independence from a political and economic state of Ukraine

Since the company is working for a foreign market and its clients are based all over the world, it depends on neither the political nor the economic state of the country.

Professional growth

The company has developed a system that helps educate and encourage rapid development of each employee. The company purchases some of the best professional literature regularly. Other than that, educational presentations occasionally take place, as well. Being surrounded by professionals in the field of internet marketing, sales, copywriting, SEO, PHP programming, and other directions, you will receive priceless knowledge and experience. You will be given access to the most relevant, valuable, and important advanced information on your profession, that will allow you to remain a valuable specialist. In our company, we are taught to read or listen to at least one book per month within the first year of work.

Personal growth

The best investment you can make is the one you make in yourself, your personal and professional growth. Your value is defined by your results. You cannot lose if you continuously work on yourself. Even if you lose everything, there is one (most important) thing that will stay with you no matter what – the qualities, skills, knowledge, and experience you have acquired. Thus, choosing the path of self-improvement, you are bound to succeed and prosper thanks to stability, confidence, calmness, and independence you get. Development of qualities, skills, and habits that lead to success in career and other aspects of life in general. Success – is not a coincidence or an accident. Success means developing certain qualities, skills, and habits that organically lead you up to it. An employee of Adsy receives a unique opportunity to dive into an atmosphere of motivation to develop such qualities. The company’s executives believe in the value of development of each employee and encourage this in every way possible. This is why working at Adsy, and you can find out what these qualities and skills are, develop them and see how they change your life for the better.

Opportunity to work remotely

Some positions allow for work from home only, others – work in the office, but in case of cold or other circumstances that make it impossible to come in for work, working remotely is an option available for all employees.

A friendly and professional team

We are a team of professionals who strive to work in a pleasant environment and a friendly atmosphere. This is why we value and support such an environment, trying to pick out the best candidates based not only on their professional experience but their personal qualities as well.

You are an essential part of the company

At Adsy your opinion is heard and paid attention to. You can actively participate in the company’s growth. Once every 6 months, there is a meeting held to discuss the strategic goals and plans of the company for the next 6 months or a year. Once a month we set our goals for the month are set. Once every 2 weeks there is a meeting held to discuss completed tasks and plans for the next 2 weeks. All these meetings help the employees see and participate in developing, both short-term and long-term, plans of the company and understand what each person’s role is, what they contribute, what is required from them personally by their team, and what results we are all looking to achieve.

Constant improvement of your English

Talking with clients, partners and service providers in English every day, you will be able to not only improve your level of English but maintain it on a high level as well.

Well-deserved rest

During holidays and birthdays, we like to relax and throw corporate parties with field trips. All the public holidays celebrated by the whole country are supported by the company as well. 24 calendar days (18 business days) of paid leave per year.

Executives that you can discuss and resolve any questions with

Absence of a strict authoritative style. Executives hold an active, energetic, vital position and rapidly develop the company according to all the goals, principles, and company’s values described above.

New interesting friends

Those who possess multiple positive qualities, traits, talents, knowledge and experience. We thoroughly pick only the most advanced, progressive, promising, smart people, and valuable professionals.

Opportunity to calmly look for a new job in case of a decision to leave the company

The company’s executives do not make anyone work against their will. If an employee is looking for something different, they are entitled to the right to choose whatever it is that is right for them. Having notified the executives beforehand (preferably 1 month ahead), the employee receives an opportunity to look for a new job with no rush, while staying in the same work conditions (no demotion) while they put an end to their work in the company.

Free buffet

Coffee, tea, sweets, fruit, etc.

Opportunity to release your projects

If you have an idea for a project, you can release it within the company using its resources (colleagues, experience, investments). Any idea can be discussed with the executives. We are always open to new ideas and projects.

The main advantage

Working at Adsy, you will become a successful, independent individual and a valuable specialist that will always be able to find a decent, well-paid job.

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